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Rewards Program

Beginning 3/20/11, shoppers at Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique will accrue Rewards Points in their accounts.  This is our way of thanking loyal customers for shopping with us.  For every dollar you spend on merchandise, one point will be awarded to your account ($1 = 1 point).  Points may be exchanged for gift certificates to our store based on the following table:

Reward Points

$ Gift Certificate









 Our software will automatically update your account with each purchase.  All you need to do is watch to see when you hit your desired exchange threshold.  Each increased threshold gives you an increased percentage back on your dollars spent.  You can track your rewards under the "My Account" tab at the top of our website.

Points are based on actual dollars spent towards merchandise after deductions for discounts, sales, gift cards, store credit, or any other price adjustment.  All merchandise is equal.  Money spent on NC sales tax, shipping, handling, insurance amounts, or any other non-merchandise charge will not accrue points.  Accepted store returns will also result in loss of Reward Points for returned merchandise.  Equal dollar product exchanges will have no effect on point totals.

Outside of a product return, the only way to lose points is to exchange them.  There is no expiration period for Rewards Points and non-exchanged points will carry over.  For instance if you have 250 points and exchange 200 points for $10 store credit, you will maintain a balance of 50 points in your account.

Points are non-transferable between accounts.  Opportunities may be provided to donate points toward charitable causes.  In such cases, a cash donation will be made based upon the same exchange levels as described above for store credit unless the charity promotion offers a greater dollar exchange rate.

Points may be offered from promotional contests and will be added to your account if you are a winner.

To redeem your points:

  1. Log in to the "My Account" section on our website.  The "My Account" link is as at the top of our website.
  2. In the "My Rewards" section, you can view the amount of points you have earned by clicking the "View Details" link.
  3. To redeem your points, click on "Redeem" under the "My Rewards" section.
  4. On the next screen, click on the "Redeem" link under the Reward Gift Certificate amount you want.
  5. Click on the "Click here to redeem" button to confirm.  Your gift certificate code will be emailed to you automatically.
Thank you for shopping at Sweetbottoms!  We appreciate your loyalty!

While we do not expect to make changes to this policy, for legal purposes we need to say that we reserve the right to eliminate or alter this Rewards Points policy at any time without prior notice.

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