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OsoCozy Flushable Diaper Liners

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OsoCozy Flushable Diaper Liners
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osocozy logo Flushable Diaper Liners

Our new liners make clean up of diaper messes a whole lot easier.  No more rinsing or scraping poop into the toliet.  Light weight but strong flushable fabric weighs about the same as a few sheets of toilet paper so it only creates a very small amount of waste, less impact than blowing your nose in tissue.  Speaking of blowing your nose these tissues contain no odors or chemical residue so they shouldn't create any allergic reactions.  They are super soft and comfortable and will not irritate your baby's skin.  They are made of 100% viscose rayon a man made material manufactured from natural replenishable resources.

If you are using a septic tank or live where you may have old or damaged drain lines we suggest that you throw away liners that contain only urine and allow the poopy liners to soak a while before flushing.

There are 100 sheets per roll and each sheet is a little smaller than 8 x 12 inches (20 x 30 cm).  Great for any size of any type of cloth diaper.  Fold to fit smaller sized diapers if necessary. 

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My Favorite Liner
  I have used both Grovia and Osocozy liners and these are definitely my favorite. They are both about the same size, easy to use, and do an adequate job of catching poop. However, as others have stated, these (Osocozy) liners can be washed multiple times and reused if they only have pee on them. In fact, I can even get up to 4 uses out of some, while the Grovia liners shred and clump into a mess after just one wash - so I can only get one use out of them. The extra few dollars for these is worth it because you end up getting more for your money.
  Reviewed by:  Laurie from Dallas, TX. on 6/25/2014
A MUST for cloth diapering!!
  I LOVE these liners! When people ask me for cloth diapering advice, I tell them that while different diapers work for different kiddos, these liners are the only MUST HAVE. :) I second the reviews that say you can re-use them at least once or twice. They're much sturdier than GroVia and can withstand at least one wash cycle when all they've seen is a wet diaper. So while they do cost more per liner, you get much more use out of them.
  Reviewed by:  LJ from California. on 9/7/2013
THE best!
  I have purchased both the OsoCozy liners and the GroVia and in my opinion, these are the better liner. They are the same in almost everything except, you can use and rewash these more times than the GroVia. Those fall apart after no more than 2 washes and these last 3-4.
  Reviewed by:  Rachel Quist from Utah. on 4/5/2013
  These liners are very soft, large enough to cover the entire inside of the diaper, and don't bunch up or shift at all. However, after reading another reviewer's comment about how these are identical to the GroVia liners, I wanted to check those out. Turns out you get twice as many for only $2 more! I figured it was worth a shot, and sure enough they are identical. SBB has been very good at keeping those in stock now, so if you are considering these liners or are already a fan, I would seriously switch to GroVia!
  Reviewed by:  Amanda Clayton from Orlando, FL. on 1/10/2013
The Best By Far
  These are the best by far! They do not bunch, they hold up in the wash so they can be reused a few times, they are great. I don't put them in my toilet however, I would worry about that. They make clean-up a snap though.
  Reviewed by:  Stacie Darbey from Rochester, NY. on 8/9/2012
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