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Organic Bamboo Inserts

Organic Bamboo Inserts
Large Mom Label Bamboo Inserts
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  1. Premium Label Bamboo Insert is made of four layers of 100% Grade A Organic Bamboo
  2. Mom Label Bamboo Insert is made of three layers of 100% Grade A Organic Bamboo

Both types of bamboo inserts provide excellent absorption ability.  Color variance is due to location of where the bamboo is grown. 

The inserts can be used inside the pocket or lay on top of the diaper.   They fit newborn to toddlers

Bamboo inserts sold individually. 

Machine wash in warm and dry in low to medium heat

Shrinkage is slightly higher in bamboo clothing than cotton. Please allow for a 1-3% rate of shrinkage after washing

Each large insert measures approximately 14" x 5".

Newborn inserts measure approximately 10" x 4".

Bamboo Charcoal Inserts

Mom Label Bamboo Charcoal insert is made of 3 layers Bamboo Charcoal.  

What is Bamboo Charcoal?

Bamboo Charcoal is made of bamboo by means of a pyrolysis process.  It is known to have high porosity. Various impurities or foreign matter will be absorbed over the wide surface area of the charcoal. When air passes over, if the humidity is high, the charcoal will absorb the moisture and the air will be converted to dry air. If the air is too dry, then the charcoal will discharge its own moisture, thus adjusting the humidity in the air.

Great feature:

The smell of a wet insert is definitely lighter than the regular insert, and it is slightly dryer when in use as well.

Fit babies from newborn to toddler,  the insert can be used inside the pocket or lay on top of the diaper.   

Measure at approx 14" x 5"  

Machine wash in wash and dry in low to medium heat

Shrinkage is slightly higher in bamboo than cotton. Please allow for a 1-3% rate of shrinkage after washing

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 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
I need more!
  I've cloth diapered through 3 kids and just discovered bamboo. These are incredibly soft, almost velvety but most importantly, they absorb an amazing amount of pee. I've only had them a week so we'll see how they hold up but so far super impressed.
  Reviewed by:  Leah from California . on 9/14/2014
  Amazing as a doubler for my daughter... who was peeing through EVERYTHING! She will be 2 next month and I quess she starting to pee more at a time and I was having a heck of time with cding. I put a microfiber in the pocket and underneath i put bamboo PERFECT and still pretty trim. Also works good wraped in an organic flip insert (prefold)
  Reviewed by:  Myranda Lee from Fort Bragg, NC. on 7/1/2011
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