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New Product Hunt and Win - December!
Posted by Admin2 on 12/13/2011 to Giveaways
1. Search our site and find a new product or one that you did not realize that we carried. 2. Earn your daily entry. Enter yourself through the contest tab on our facebook page. Then, post a comment about the product you found either in response to this listing on our blog or as a comment on our Facebook page. Include a link to the product page on the Sweetbottoms website. Only a single product is required that meets either criteria. 3. You may gain one entry each day of the contest until midnight on Monday 12/19/11. 4. Earn bonus entries for sharing. You earn 2 additional entries for each friend that enters the contest after you. Sharing can be rewarding! 5. Three winners will be selected by random number generation based on the contest rules. Winners will be announced on this blog on Tuesday, 12/20/11 at approximately 9:30pm ET. 6. Each gift certificate will be worth $15 in store credit. There is a limit of one winning certificate per household per contest. Certificates do not expire and may be used in conjunction with discount codes or other promotions. They may be redeemed with any purchase. 7. Rules are subject to change without notice.
Shannon Coffey Date 12/13/2011 11:46:38 PM
Lovin' this new cow rattle! So cute~ http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Dandelion-Handcrafted-Cow-Roly-Poly-Ball-Rattle_p_1484.html
Laura Date 12/14/2011 3:32:14 AM
http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/weehuggers-Bamboo-Inserts_p_1052.html I love my weehuggers cover, but I've never tried one of the bamboo Weehuggers inserts. Nice that you carry them.
Sheena Woollam Date 12/14/2011 12:36:34 PM
I did not realize you carried The Mommy Measure™ Pregnancy Growth Chart & Journal. What a great gift idea for a new mother. http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/The-Mommy-Measure-Pregnancy-Growth-Chart-Journal_p_392.html
Ashley Thompson Date 12/14/2011 1:02:38 PM
Love your site! The sheepish grin liquid lanolin I have not seen before. I will need lanolin for a first wool purchase I just made.
Sheena Woollam Date 12/15/2011 9:29:46 PM
I found the Sophie catcher and am buying a Sophie for my DS for x-mas. I will have to get this to go with it!!! http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Sophie-Catcher-by-Paci-Catchers_p_949.html
Ashley Thompson Date 12/16/2011 9:25:14 AM
Just realized I forgot the link http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Sheepish-Grins-Liquid-Lanolin_p_1521.html. Thanks!
Gabrielle Kimbrell Date 12/16/2011 12:39:38 PM
http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/ERGObaby--Organic-Petunia-Pickle-Bottom-Heavenly-Holland_p_1312.html I haven't seen this carrier before. Very cute print.
Mary Michaud Date 12/16/2011 7:43:33 PM
Rockin' Green's new femme rock detergent! http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Rockin-Green-Femme-Rock--16oz_p_1419.html
Eliza Warmack Date 12/16/2011 8:27:48 PM
like Charlie Bananas because of the extra snap; they don't have side wing droop! It is nice that you carry them now!http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Charlie-Banana-2-in-1-Diapers--Sized_p_1496.html I love giveaways this is fun. Good luck everyone!
Sheena Woollam Date 12/16/2011 10:00:10 PM
Ooooo non toxic nail polish! Why haven't I seen this before? http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Piggy-Paint-Non-toxic-Nail-Polish--Refined-Collection_p_801.html
Sheena Woollam Date 12/17/2011 3:18:09 PM
The Rubbabu Natural Rubber Toys are new. http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Rubbabu-Natural-Rubber-Toys_c_560.html
Mary Michaud Date 12/17/2011 5:09:00 PM
didn't know you carried this! http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Punkin-Butt-Teething-Oil--2oz_p_1520.html
Gabrielle Kimbrell Date 12/18/2011 10:44:19 AM
I like the Rubbabu Natural Rubber toys. http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Rubbabu-Scooter_p_1435.html
Adrienne Cheng Date 12/19/2011 1:29:15 AM
These new crocheted bamboo toys are supercute! http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Dandelion-Handcrafted-Owl-Roly-Poly-Ball-Rattle_p_1481.html
Adrienne Cheng Date 12/19/2011 1:29:27 AM
These new crocheted bamboo toys are supercute! http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Dandelion-Handcrafted-Owl-Roly-Poly-Ball-Rattle_p_1481.html
Aleasha Campbell Date 12/20/2011 9:24:33 PM
Love the cow rattle :) http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Dandelion-Handcrafted-Cow-Roly-Poly-Ball-Rattle_p_1484.html
Genevieve Date 1/4/2012 3:36:23 PM
I am new to your site, and am excited to see adult amber necklaces! I might need to try that! http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Adult-Amber-Necklaces_c_480.html
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