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Fitted Diapers (Fitteds) are shaped like a disposable diaper, but require a separate cover to make it waterproof. Most have snap or Velcro-type fasteners, although a few do not come with attached fasteners and require a pin or Snappi to secure them. Fitted diapers offer the most absorbent and leak-proof diapering option and are especially popular for nighttime use and newborn use, particularly for the first few weeks.
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Babee Greens Growing Green One Size Fitted Diaper Babee Greens Growing Greens One-Size Fitted Diaper
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Blueberry Newborn Fitted Diaper Blueberry Newborn Fitted Diaper
Our Price: $15.95
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Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted (New & Improved) Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted
List Price: $17.00
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Sweetbottoms "Get Started with Cloth Diapers" Accessories Package "Get Started with Cloth Diapers" Accessories Package
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