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CJ’s BUTTer™ Spritz o’ BUTTer

CJ’s BUTTer™ Spritz o’ BUTTer
CJ’s BUTTer™ Spritz o’ BUTTer: 4oz bottle
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Looking for CJ's Yeast Fighting Formula?  Click here!

Our liquid version of CJ’s BUTTer® in a 4 oz fine mist spray bottle, Spritz o’ CJ’s BUTTer® has o’ so many uses!

Our customers have used it for those tough rashes, when a child’s skin is just too sensitive to touch!

Like our Stick o’ CJ’s BUTTer®, it’s great for ‘on the go’ as it’s virtually mess-free.  Perfect for the diaper bag as it doesn’t melt in the summertime.  It’s absolutely the best for daycare–limiting the amount of cream used so it doesn’t go to waste!  They’ll thank you for the mess-free application, too!

Our favorite uses for the Spritz o’ CJ’s BUTTer® are as a leave in hair conditioner for curly hair and an all-over body lotion that’s easy and very quick to apply.

The Spritz o’ CJ’s BUTTer® is definitely a favorite among dads, both for use on their kids as well as moisturizing their own dry skin on the go.

Use it for black/ethnic or mixed hair!

“Finding a product for my daughter’s hair has been a challenge to say the least. Hers is so different from mine (I am only half black, half white, she is only a quarter white). Her texture is much different than mine. Using your oil, her hair was very soft and shiny. Dry time was easier because it was much more manageable. Her hair needs moisture, moisture, moisture and with the spray I have found it!! I am attaching pictures of the process. The curly one is what it looks like wet and before drying. The end result is dried and straightened. Shiny goodness!!

I used the spray after I washed it but I probably will use it during the conditioning process because I think I could use it as a deep conditioner.
What I did was spray it on, combing through the hair and then began to blow dry it out. I also sprayed again before I straightened it with the flat iron. (I dont want to use a chemical to straighten it so that is what prompted me to try your spray.) I will also be using it as a daily part of combing to keep the moisture in her hair.   I also love using natural products with her because for one she has severe allergies that break her skin out so the butter is great for her skin!”

~~Kimberly R.

Give it a try - we're sure you'll love it!

For fragrance descriptions, click here!

**Please note: US Retailers are not permitted to ship CJ's products to Canada.  If you need assistance locating a CJ's retailer in your area, please contact us.

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 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  View All Reviews
CJ's Plus! The only thing that works!
  The plus formula is magic in a bottle! I have used both spray & tub they work the same to me. This stuff clears up any rash my son has ever got within a day! I panic when I run low and forget to re-order. I use the scented ones for when he is rash free just to keep him moisturized. * I did want to add side note, I noticed one mamas comment about her baby can't use this.. I think it's because of the mint in the one you bought. You should really try Monkey Farts it's very gentle and won't "burn" the babies bottom. My son has the same reaction when using any that has mint in the ingredients.
  Reviewed by:  Chrissy from Texas. on 10/7/2014
Perfect diaper bag companion
  We got this more as a precaution and out of curiosity. Neither of my boys seem to be prone to rashes, but we use this once a day to prevent drying from all the wipes. We haven't had one single issue. It healed up a rash my newborn had gotten from disposables in no time flat! Plus, the scents are to die for. My oldest says it's "Lolipop spray". We got blueberry crumble and are not disappointed.
  Reviewed by:  Blakelyn Hoyt from Florida. on 3/29/2014
  I ordered the Mango, Sugar & Mint scent, it arrived today. I've used it on my son 3 times because he has some mild redness but every time I use it on him, he screams and cries. I have no idea why but since I am unable to use it on my son like I intended, I could only give the product 3 stars. Thankfully my husband is happily going to use the rest as moisturizer for his hands and I will discontinue using it on my son. On the plus side, it does smell delicious. Overall, I still think it's a good product but for whatever reason, it's not a good fit for treating my sons mild diaper rash.
  Reviewed by:  Samantha G. from Wisconsin. on 3/4/2014
love this stuff!
  i was hesitant to try this, but its been a few weeks and i am in love! i got blueberry crumble and it smells fantastic. great for no mess on the go, and my son thinks it is HILARIOUS when i use the spray!! really helps at diaper time because he normally hates being changed.
  Reviewed by:  ashley from central illinois. on 1/30/2013
  The tub of BUTTer is better for a bad rash, but this is PERFECT for just a little redness or for protection on the way to a nap or bed. It's very nice to have it so fast and easy when I have 3 in diapers at night time!
  Reviewed by:  Brittany Hornsby from TN. on 11/4/2012
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