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Blueberry FLO Diaper Sprayer

Item ID 812016014380
Blueberry FLO Diaper Sprayer
Swaddlebees FLO Diaper Sprayer
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"What do you do about poop?" This is the #1 most asked question when it comes to cloth diapers. The FLO Diaper sprayer is our answer to dealing with baby poop easily, conveniently, mess-free, and without having to get your hands dirty. The FLO diaper sprayer can handle small messes as well as the big ones as it makes rinsing diapers a breeze.

The FLO sprayer is also perfect for use as a hand-held bidet for feminine and personal hygiene.

The water pressure control valve is conveniently located right under the sprayer handle. This leaves you with the ability to control the water pressure right at your fingertips.

A diaper sprayer made of high impact ABS resin and metal and has a brushed nickel finish. Comes with a holder to place the unit between uses, either attached to the wall or by on your toilet tank.

What makes this diaper sprayer different from others is that the valve that controls the flow of water is located right on the handle. It makes turning the water flow on/off very convenient.

This is very easy to install and all the necessary fittings are provided. No plumber or special tools needed.
To Use: Slide the water pressure control valve to the right. Direct the sprayer to where you want to use it and press the lever. ALWAYS TURN OFF the water pressure control valve when finished using by sliding it all the way to the left. Hang the sprayer on the holder.

Includes one year Limited Warranty.
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 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
  This sprayer seemed great in theory, but in practice it's just been so disappointing. My first disappointment was immediate upon opening the box. The head of the sprayer is a light weight plastic, not metal like the rest of the parts. That means if you try to do something silly like set it on the counter for a second between diapers (I have 2 toddlers) it will fall and you'll be playing catch the sprayer. My more recent issue comes after less than two months of use. When I open the valve and spray it the water doesn't necessarily shut off completely when I release the nozzle. That means I'm left with a stream of water until I turn the pressure off. It doesn't happen every time, but it happens enough to be a nuisance. At this point I'm anticipating having to replace the sprayer soon.
  Reviewed by:  Anna from Maryland. on 6/5/2012
Great Investment
  My daughter has only just started solids but her diapers have gotten HORRENDOUS. This diaper sprayer was super easy to hook up and it's great having the flow adjustment on the handle in case I need to add a little more power once I've already started. Dunk/swish was not cutting it with us, and this has made my whole wash routine easier.
  Reviewed by:  Mary Ann Smith from Oregon. on 3/7/2012
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