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Aristocrats Wool Soaker

Aristocrats Wool Soaker
Aristocrats Wool Soaker
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This pure wool pull-on diaper cover (soaker) is made in a fabulously stretchy, double-layered knit designed for extra absorbency and protection. Untreated wool actually absorbs more than one third of its weight in moisture before it begins to feel wet. What's more, wool, being completely breathable, maintains normal body temperature - not too hot, not too cold - thereby greatly reducing the risk of diaper rash associated with heat and bacterial growth.

The Aristocrats wool soaker is one of the highest rated covers for nighttime diapering!  For a dry bed it's hard to beat.  But Aristocrats Diaper Covers are much more than just a night cover. Night and day, they provide the comfort and protection your baby needs.

Wool covers are super easy to care for.  Unless soiled, Aristocrats Diaper Covers require laundering only about once every 2 weeks!  Click here for tips on laundering and lanolizing your wool cover.


Available Sizes

Size Weight* Age Waist Thigh Rise
Small 7-20 lbs. 0-12 Months 12"-20" 8"-13" 17"
Large 20-35 lbs. 8-24 months 13"-21" 10"-15" 19"

*Weight/Age ranges are approximate.

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 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
Very impressed!
  I have been scared to jump into cloth diapering at nighttime because I have such a heavy wetter. After much research I knew my best luck was going to be with a wool cover and fitted. I was scared to try wool because of the different care it needed. I decided to throw my fears out the window and go for it. WOW the Aristocrats cover is amazing! NO LEAKS! The fitted was soaked underneath but nothing seeped through. And it's super easy to care for, if you don't mind hand washing. Granted it's the only wool I've tried, I am happy I choose it because it is truly amazing, I'm sad I waited this long.
  Reviewed by:  Daisy Simpson from Minneapolis, MN. on 2/11/2013
Love love love this soaker
  I tried a couple wool covers, including dasana which has great reviews and always had leaks. This soakers has a nice tight weave and is thicker in the lower half making it more absorbent where it counts and trimmer everywhere else. It is a must have for nights and finally after six months with my very heavy wetter pur sheets are dry in the morning. An absolute must have in my house.
  Reviewed by:  Jennifer Smylie from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. on 6/24/2012
A Must Have for Nighttime!
  This is a must have if you have a heavy wetter. My son would soak through and leak out of all of the major brand pocket diapers with triple stuffed inserts including hemp. With this soaker it has completely changed our night times, he stays dry, his skin is in great condition and he sleeps better. Definetly worth the investment :)
  Reviewed by:  Helena from Vancouver, Canada. on 9/25/2010
Great Absorbancy
  You can tell just by the feel of the cover that it is well made--thick in all the right places, but still overall trim. I have never had a leak with this cover. Night time it is definitely the best. I also like that you can fold down the top, or keep it up for a little warmth (of course, that is just my perception as I have never worn it myself :) ) It does take a bit of extra time since it is handwash only and needs lanolization every once in a while. Works great, well made. Worth the time and money.
  Reviewed by:  Ariel Baehr from Holly Springs, NC. on 9/23/2010
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